30 July 2021     Lockdales Valuation Day at Rudry Parish Hall

10 am – 2 pm (last entry 1:30 pm)  see poster for full details



Organised children’s outdoor activity: frequently asked questions | GOV.WALES

What are organised children’s activities?

This encompasses a broad range of activities attended by children and young people, held for their development and well-being. While at these activities children and young people’s actions should be supervised by appropriately qualified and trained individuals including volunteers. This could include a range of clubs or classes attended on evenings and weekends including, but not limited to, sporting or cultural interests. It also includes parent and baby / toddler groups that may run during the daytime. It does not include activities such as children’s birthday parties, or wider gatherings of families and friends beyond the existing arrangements for meeting other people.

While these activities are not part of a child’s formal education, they will have some wider benefits related to learning and development. These events are usually run by a business, a public body or charitable institution, a club, or the national governing body of a sport or other activity.


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